Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Salvation

 "Before salvation came into this world election marched in the very forefront. And it had for its work the billeting of salvation. Election went through the world and marked the houses to which salvation should come and the hearts in which the treasure should be deposited. Election looked through all the race of man, from Adam down to the last, and marked with sacred stamp those for whom salvation was designed. He must needs go through Samaria said election and salvation must go there. Then came predestination. Predestination did not merely mark the house, it mapped the road in which salvation should travel to that house. Predestination ordained every step of the great army of salvation. Predestination ordained the time when the sinner should be brought to Christ, the manner how he should be saved, the means that should be employed. It marked the exact hour and moment when God the Spirit should quicken the dead in sin and when peace and pardon should be spoken through the blood of Jesus. Predestination marked the way so completely to the house that salvation does never overstep the bounds and is never at a loss for the road. In the everlasting decree of the sovereign God the footsteps of mercy were every one of them ordained," end quote.

Beautiful imagery, isn't it? Election marked the house. Predestination laid out the path and the timing. And salvation followed that path. Truly a gift from God.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"The Sword and the Spear" God's Perfect Plan For Defeating Satan's Spear Of Death

My newly released book titled "the sword and the Spear" contains stories, Bible verses, christian parables and disscussions about God's true intention for His children to defeat Satan's spear.
When reading this book you will find that you have been pierced by the deceptive and controlling influence of God's most famous fallen angel, Satan.
You will also learn of God's design to slay those wicked intentions by choosing His plan of redeeming mankind unto Himself.
As Paul told Timothy, "You must fight a noble warfare"
Within this book you will find yourself becoming the life of the stories. somtimes pierced with Satan's spear and other times swinging God's sword as a mighty warrior.
The compiled stories of old along with countless scriptures cannot help but to captivate and motivate readers into evaluating their own position for today's common life of Christianity.
This life is hard to say the least, without adding tribulation to the troubles we already experience. But we find ourselves doing exactly that most of the time. We can fall into blaming Satan for spearing our hearts with his subtle decay, or we can simply rise to the high road by admitting we are the ones that choose to collaborate with him.
God bless all who read "The Sword and the Spear"

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Pastor Rod